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A Down “Write” Funny “Iron Uterus” Halloween Story

Meet my alter-ego – The Iron Uterus. Enjoy this post from the past as my Halloween Treat to you! In third grade, while all the other kids wore their store-bought, lead-based painted mask and tissue-thin plastic tunics with superhero abs … Continue reading

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Battling the Death Cough

Heyla Friends, I see you’ve all been visiting and it gives me a gigantic thrill in my eager newbie blogger heart to see you here, but then realization of my-porch-light-is-out-so-no-treats-for-you guilt stomps all the fun out of it. I’m sorry! I suffer from the most … Continue reading

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Down “Write” Funny – Caught Naked and Nothing to Write With

I come up with the best lines when I’m naked in the bathroom. Or at 2:46 a. m., when I’m in that half-fuzzed twilight between awareness and psychedelic sub-consciousness. Neither situation is conducive to preserving the brainstorm brilliance to text … Continue reading

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NaNo Prep Talk

Did you miss me last Friday?  Sorry, it was a big weekend for my youngest spawn, Gazelle Girl, with the XC Conference meet and State Marching Band, but Down “Write” Funny will be back this upcoming Friday – I promise! Meanwhile, did … Continue reading

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Down “Write” Funny – NaNoWriMo Land

NaNoWriMo. No, I’m not saying “Hello!” from the planet Ork.  NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month.  The month in question being November, which is poised to sneak and pounce on us likewise the way September basically immaterialized before … Continue reading

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