Battling the Death Cough

Heyla Friends,

I see you’ve all been visiting and it gives me a gigantic thrill in my eager newbie blogger heart to see you here, but then realization of my-porch-light-is-out-so-no-treats-for-you guilt stomps all the fun out of it.

I’m sorry! I suffer from the most evil of all death coughs. Not something too conducive to making grand impressions at the writers conference I attended this weekend either. (One woman actually moved away from me on Friday at a master class, ahem – beware my germ wrath, babe! I licked your highlighter when you weren’t looking!) My conference absence is yet another excuse I will toss into my pot of please forgive me soup.

Cow-towing aside, I do have throat-clearing news to share! I have met Agent Awesome and I plan on making her mine. Hopefully I didn’t kill the deal by infecting her with my awful this weekend, but I hid my ick well, so we’ll keep that between us if she ends up in the ER, okay? (KIDDING!)

Once I’m able to remain upright long enough to scrape my eyes over my manuscript one last time (yes, I am anal and insecure, thank you for noticing), I plan to jet that baby off and dive into NaNoWriMo with the renewed fire and vitality only a generous dose of antibiotics can provide.

Chant with me now: I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! Or wait a minute. Is that every time a bell rings? Click your heels three times? Believe hard in fairies? Bah. I forget. Just toss me whatever good-luck-your-baby’s-not-ugly mojo you can spare and I will be deeply grateful.

I love that you’re all here. Please stick with me. Once the crud vacates my lungs, I will amuse myself with spewing bits of writing wit at you again. Pinky swear.

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3 Responses to Battling the Death Cough

  1. **spraying Lysol**

    Woohoo and good luck!!!!

  2. Betsy Norman says:

    Thank you!! I will keep everyone posted!!

  3. anneparent says:

    I know you can! I know you can! I know you can!

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