Down “Write” Funny – Opportunity Knocks

How often does Opportunity knock?

Real. Tangible. Life-changing Opportunity?

Once. Twice. At least. A dozen times if you’re lucky.

What is Opportunity?

In the writing community it could be The Call. A multi-book contract. An agent offers rep. NYT Bestseller!

In life it could be a scholarship. A new job. A marriage proposal. Relocation.

What do YOU do when Opportunity presents itself? Ignore it? Don’t believe it? Run in fear??

Or do you embrace it? Welcome it? Seize the day!

What dreams do you have that Opportunity can act upon? What if they suddenly came true? Are you ready if they do?

Careful what you wish for, they always say. Be prepared and know your answer when Opportunity comes knocking. Don’t stand there blubbering and shaking and unwilling. Grab with both hands and don’t look back!

Opportunity has rapped eager knuckles on the Norman’s door. And we’ve answered with open arms. Big life-changes coming to direct us on a new path.

How exciting. How Blessed. How wonderful this journey will be.

*knock knock*

Are you ready to answer when Opportunity comes for you?

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6 Responses to Down “Write” Funny – Opportunity Knocks

  1. Anne Parent says:

    I have to admit I stand there shaking in my boots if it’s pertaining to my writing. Otherwise, I kinda stumble into it. But I’m more interested in the life changing events coming to your family. Keep us posted. Sending you hugs and wishing you the very best with your changes.

  2. Jay Colby says:

    This was an great post I enjoyed reading this!

  3. We’re embracing opportunity with you.

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