Betsy Norman

Betsy Norman is first and foremost a midwestern mom who bakes for the team and hollers the loudest to fully embarass her children at their sporting events. Check out the #proudmama hashtag on her Twitter feed for the latest accomplishments of her three thriving spawn. Her day job consists of left brain bookkeeping for a law firm and her husband’s businesses. But Betsy’s dream job lurks in the rare quiet moments when her manic right brain erupts with stories.  And of course, she loves her whoopie. Pies, that is.

Over a dozen of Betsy’s short romantic stories have been published in three anthologies from Dream Street Prose and have earned a 4 ½ star rating from Romantic Times Magazine. Her non-fiction column, Down ‘Write’ Funny, depicting the writing life, has appeared in numerous RWA chapter newsletters across the country. Betsy is a PRO member of RWA, a YARWA and WisRWA chapter member, the 2010/2011 WisRWA Write Touch Conference Chairperson, a former WisRWA Fab 5 Contest Coordinator, and the proud recipient of the WisRWA Chapter Service Award.

Please feel free to cruise Betsy’s site and check out her novel blurbs, her blog of family and writing, as well as her favorite recipes – just in case you need a little whoopie in your life!

Remember: Life is short. Make whoopie.

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