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Down “Write” Funny – Whoopie Wednesday!

I’ve had so many people share this recipe with me from that I feel compelled to share it with my whoopee-lovin’ readers. I haven’t made this simple and delicious looking recipe yet, but I hope to soon!  Enjoy! And … Continue reading

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The Return of Whoopie Wednesday

*Vigorously shakes dust bunnies off the blog* I’m gonna give this another go, folks. Best to ease into it, so I’ll start simple and return to my roots. Whoopies! (And, of course, Writing, so stay tuned!) But first, we’ll start with the return … Continue reading

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Down “Write” Funny – NaNoWriMo Land Part 2

So!  Yesterday, at the stroke of midnight, did you scribble the thoughts ricocheting off your gray matter and rampageously vomit up a few thousand words because the fire to write your story burned feral through your fingertips?? Did you make … Continue reading

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On Whoopies and Writing

Creating a good whoopie is like creating good writing. You gotta start with a firm base. Work up a tempting middle. Finish strong. The first time I made whoopie, inexperienced as I was, the cakes turned out thin and flat. … Continue reading

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Betsy Norman

Betsy Norman is first and foremost a midwestern mom who bakes for the team and hollers the loudest to fully embarass her children at their sporting events. Check out the #proudmama hashtag on her Twitter feed for the latest accomplishments of her three … Continue reading

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