On Whoopies and Writing

Creating a good whoopie is like creating good writing.

You gotta start with a firm base. Work up a tempting middle. Finish strong.

The first time I made whoopie, inexperienced as I was, the cakes turned out thin and flat. I needed more flour, fresher baking soda, and larger eggs. I tried again. They rose to perfection. Symmetric globes of chocolate goodness. My first attempt to fill them, again, was too thin. I doubled the ingredients (ALWAYS DOUBLE THE FILLING!) and created thick, gooey delight. A whoopie so big, so luscious, your mouth could barely fit around it and one whoopie stuffed your belly full.

How does this relate to writing? Easy – Your plot IS the whoopie. Strong, firm conflict and motivation, filled with twists and turns to keep a reader eager for more, all leading to a satisfying climax and happy ending.

That’s what keeps your sweet tooth and readers craving for more!

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1 Response to On Whoopies and Writing

  1. Elle J Rossi says:

    Well put! This is something I’m striving for right now. Back to it!

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