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A Down “Write” Funny “Iron Uterus” Halloween Story

Meet my alter-ego – The Iron Uterus. Enjoy this post from the past as my Halloween Treat to you! In third grade, while all the other kids wore their store-bought, lead-based painted mask and tissue-thin plastic tunics with superhero abs … Continue reading

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Down “Write” Funny – Caught Naked and Nothing to Write With

I come up with the best lines when I’m naked in the bathroom. Or at 2:46 a. m., when I’m in that half-fuzzed twilight between awareness and psychedelic sub-consciousness. Neither situation is conducive to preserving the brainstorm brilliance to text … Continue reading

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Down “Write” Funny – Muscle Memory

As infants, we learn motor control by the repetition of a series of actions that will result in reaching our goal. Crying and squalling equals a nipple shoved into your mouth to ravage like an angry beaver (Your spawn didn’t … Continue reading

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Down “Write” Funny – Back to School Blather

So I thought to write a typical back to school post, but I realized I wouldn’t have much new to add to the bevy of blogs currently circulating the net. Oh, gee, I guess I’ll toss confetti, too, and get it … Continue reading

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Betsy Norman

Betsy Norman is first and foremost a midwestern mom who bakes for the team and hollers the loudest to fully embarass her children at their sporting events. Check out the #proudmama hashtag on her Twitter feed for the latest accomplishments of her three … Continue reading

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